10 Easiest Plants You Can Easily Grow At Home.

If you have a green thumb and want to add a green touch to your house.  If you love gardening  and want to grow different and unique plants in your garden you can grow plants in your garden or backyard.

 You can grow these plants in your house as they are easy to grow and gives an Artistic, natural, and unique look to your home. We hope so this article will be very helpful for you.

1. Alo Vera.

Alo vera is used as a skin moisturizer, to heal minor cuts and to heal. Aloe Vera is very useful for skin care it is also very attractive and looks gorgeous in your garden.

Alo Vera is a succulent plant that needs less water for proper growth and prefers bright and indirect sunlight.  You can grow Alo Vera in your garden and you can use Alo Vera leaves for your skin care.

2. Iron Plant.

A Cast iron plant is called a cast iron plant because it can survive under the worst conditions. For growing cast iron plants you will prefer low light or deep light because its leaves are sword-like, pointed, and about four inches wide and 2 feet long.

Cast iron plants will grow in clumps and you can easily grow the cast iron plant in your house even beginners can grow cast iron plants because it needs low maintenance.

3. Chinese Ever Green Plant.

Chinese evergreen plant is extremely forgiving and can adapt to most indoor conditions but it does not like drafts or prolonged temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It prefers low or direct sunlight and allows the soil to remain dry for a few days before re-watering. And Chinese evergreen plant makes your garden beautiful and charming and enhances the beauty of your home.

4. Holiday Cactus.

The holiday cactus is a trailing member of the cactus family and produces deep pink or red in winter. It can handle low light but produces more flowers in the bright light and pruning your holiday cactus plant after blooming will keep it bushy and full.

You can force your cactus plant to bloom in December by keeping it in complete darkness for 12 hours per night and in mid-October leave it in the dark until buds appear and in November subject it to cool temperatures up to 50-55 degrees. And you will see buds will be formed in weeks.

5. Dieffenbachia.

The variegated leaves of dieffenbachia are attractive and not a particularly difficult plant to grow. It is like high temperature so place it on a sunny spot so avoid placing it near the window or drafts.

Avoid growing this plant near pets and children because its sap can be a skin irritant and if it is ingested it can cause a temporary inability to speak but our suggestion for you is that avoid growing Dieffenbachia and choose a plant that is safe for kids and pests.

6. Jade Plant.

Jade plant is on of the most easily growing indoor plant even beginners can grow. The Jade plant is one of the most familiar indoor plants because of its thick and glossy leaves. Jade plant is a sun-loving plant for growing a lush and healthy jade plant you need plenty of sunlight so place it in the sunniest part of your room. 

But the trickiest part is providing the right amount of water because too much water will cause root rot to your plant and on the other hand, too little water will result in the dropping of leaves. So water your plant regularly so that it grows well and enhances the beauty of your house. 

7. Money Plant.

A money plant does not actually grow money it is named money plant because it needs low maintenance so that you can save your money and greenery. Money plant is an easy to grow and friendly plant as it can survive in both low to high indirect light so you can grow it in your kitchen, bathroom, living room also in the drawing room. 

Another main reason for growing money plant is that it brings good luck and fortune. So grow money plant in your home and enhance beauty of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living -room.

8. Pothos.

Pothos green plant is also known as Devil’s Ivy because it not only stays green darks but also it is hard to kill Pothos. Place your Pothos plant on bright , indirect light spot of your house so that it can gain required amount of sunlight and shows better growth.

But be careful in watering water your plant in every week 2.5 inches, and soil will dried before every watering. On the other hand less watering will results in the dropping of leaves and wilt but after watering your plant will settles back into its previous state.

Take care of your plant properly so that it grows well and reach to its maximum height which is up to 6-10 feet. When your Pothos stem is to be sprouting you can cut off it and grows in your garden it will grows into a new Pothos plant. 

9. Air Plant.

It is most easy to grow plant you does not needed any soil but soak your plant for few hours after every 1-2 weeks. They are small and unique you can grow them in your bookshelf, table, side tables, study table, dressing or even in window. It will gives artistic, attractive and eye-catching view to your room and enhance beauty of your home.

10. Succulent Plant.

Succulent is on of the most adorable plant as it is easy to grow plant because they needs low maintenance.  If you are very busy you can skip regular watering you can water after two to three days as it leaves can store water.

Even beginners can easily grow succulent plants they needs less attention and low maintenance. So grow your succulent plant on the ,most sunniest part of your home and take care properly. Succulent gives natural and artistic look to your garden and enhance beauty of your garden.

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