The garden at your home should be a place that shows your creativity. It is a place where you forget all your worries and the fragrance of flowers will take you in an imaginary world where there is no hindrance between you and nature’s beauty.

Plants are living organisms, you can’t deny this reality that they also need your love and affection, your proper care and attention make them healthy and prosper. In addition to being your favorite place, the garden also produces vegetables for you. With little effort, you are able to get vegetables at a cheap cost from your garden.

The fresh vegetables will increase the flavor of your food which you cannot gain from the vegetable which you buy from the market. From homegrown organic vegetables, you can easily reduce your budget of the month. Here we will discuss 12 cheap veggie garden ideas which will help you to show your creativity in your garden.

10 Backyard Vegetable Garden ideas


Raised beds are an easy way to decorate your garden within a cheap budget. You can make a wooden raised bed at your home without any skill according to the size of your garden or area in which you want to adjust them.

You just need cedar wood panels and join them together with the help of a screwdriver and grill. There are many benefits of raised beds if you have any physical issue this will help you a lot, as bending and kneeling is the main part of gardening, you can avoid them by arranging raised beds in your garden.

Raised beds are easily portable, you can change their direction, you can also plant different types of vegetables in different planters, you can maintain the fertility of the soil in the raised bed which is not possible in an in-ground bed.


It is a good decision to decorate your garden with hanging planters as they are a space saver. If you have limited space but you want to grow many vegetables or flowers in your garden, this is the best idea.

Instead of growing different vegetables of plants in raised beds or in-ground beds. You can grow different plants in different planters, in this way, you can maintain the amount and frequency of water according to the need of your plants. Metal frames will help you to hang your planters with strength and stability.

one thing to keep in mind, your planters will become so heavy after filling with soil so you should be careful and use a strong frame for hanging them. Hanging planters can be made from wood, metal, or plastic, it depends upon your wish and budget.


This is the best way through which you can grow plants without soil is hydroponic. You need a liquid solution that is necessary for plants to thrive. The rumors about hydroponically vegetables are untrue that they have harmful chemicals which they absorb from the solution in which they are grown.

Due to optimum growing conditions, hydroponic vegetables have higher nutrients. This is a productive and creative way to provide vegetables. You can create a hydroponic garden by doing simple research with the help of items that are easily available at your home.


Like hanging planters, hanging baskets are also best for limited space. This is good for growing in your backyard and balcony. It is the best way to grow herbs because there is insufficient space available for the roots of big plants and you can’t grow deep-rooted plants in these hanging planters. Small herbs like mint can easily grow in them.


If you have a sloped garden then tiered planters can solve your problem. By growing your plants and herbs, in this way, your garden’s looks can be enhanced.

You are able to produce more vegetables by adopting this way of gardening. The amount of vegetables produced in this way is enough although you have a small garden. Different varieties of shared raised bats are available from any gardening store but if you want to make these beds at home then you can easily make it at a low cost.

Your sloping yard will become a multi-level vegetable garden with little hard work. if you want to satisfy your aesthetic sense you can also paint them. But you should paint them before planting your vegetables.  The hard-wearing paint will help to prevent fading and peeling which is another benefit.


Planting tables are good for old age people as they can easily handle them and pursue their hobby of gardening.

Planting tables are available in different sizes so you can choose the best size according to the space you have. but it is noted that they tend to be quite shallow so you cannot grow deep-rooted vegetables or vegetables which need a lot of growing space beneath the soil.

Their portable quality is another plus point, that’s why you can move them anywhere in your house. You can also change the location according to the sunlight which your vegetables want. Due to rotation, it is very easy for you to rotate your planting table to get appropriate sunlight for your plant.


The rooftops have excellent spaces for growing plants. Your plants will get full exposure of sunlight due to the comparative height and another plus point is that your plants will get the full benefit of rainwater.

After preparing a rooftop for your gardening you will get a place to relax with a beautiful view. In this way, you will also increase the lifespan of roofs and they also help to keep building warmer.


Galvanized containers can be used anywhere in your home like backyards, balconies, or even in the rooftops. Deep-rooted vegetables can easily be planted in these useful containers as they make it possible for a plant to bear fruit such as tomatoes.

This quality makes them unique and you will love to buy them to give a different look to your garden. These containers are durable and long-lasting which means it is a good investment that you can use year upon year. In recent years these industrial containers are becoming very popular as they are cheap in cost and they will not affect your budget.


You can make your vegetable garden in your balcony but you should be very choosy in the selection of vegetables because you have limited space in your balcony. If you want to grow more variety of vegetables and herbs then you should use many ways such as hanging planters.

There are many good options you have, you can use them to show your creativity and make your balcony such a nice place then no one can live without praising your creativity and art. You can also create more space by placing planters on shelves of your balcony or fix them on the wall.


You can change an ugly wall into a beautiful growing area of your vegetable garden. You can use a wooden or metal planter for hanging or you can fix onto the wall. In this way, you will get a large space for growing vegetables.

But if you are growing plants on a wall you should be careful about spacing between the plants because your vegetables are growing upward so they need space. This is the best way through which you can change any boring wall.


This way of gardening is not a new method. Vertical gardening is a unique way that is now becoming trending. The beginners are attracted by this method of gardening, especially those who are living in an apartment and they have limited space but want to grow different plants.

This idea is very good even for offices and hotels. There are many ideas that can be used in creating a vertical vegetable garden. Vertical gardens can be created indoors, as well as outdoors but the exterior vertical garden has the benefit of direct sunlight which is good for your plants but don’t worry for indoor plants, you can manage artificial light.


This is another unusual and extraordinary notion for growing vegetables by enclosing a particular area by low height edging strips. By enclosing you will be able to fix the desired space for growing vegetables.

You need a little effort and money to create this unique growing area within your garden. In this way, you can completely customize the size and shape of your vegetable garden. You should use full rich soil for this specific area before starting planting.

These are some ideas which help you a lot in deciding which one is good for you. After making some research you are able to find more ideas to decorate your limited space with the beauty of nature in the form of plants.

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