Many people are interested in growing fruits in their garden but due to limited space, they hesitate to grow because there is a misconception that fruits can grow only in vast space. But in a simple container, you can grow your favorite fruits by maintaining the soil, sunlight, and growing conditions.

The dwarf fruit trees which can easily grow in a small space are apple banana, orange, cherry, peach, fig,  pomegranate, and guava. Dwarf fruit trees have a limited height which is about 8 to 10 feet. These trees fulfill your dual-purpose. First, they can be used for decoration, and secondly, produce fruits in a small space. If you have a green patch, with the help of creative planters, patio decorations and using your own unique ideas will make your small growing area into a stunning place of sitting.

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Small Spaces


You can grow more plants in a pyramid garden, for example, a pyramid garden has the ability to hold more strawberry plants at a time. If you don’t have enough space for growing more plants than a pyramid garden is a good solution.

You can build a vertical pyramid tower which provides you with additional capacity for planting. This type of planter is an ideal way of growing a large quantity of garden produce. Every gardener wishes to get more fresh output, he tries to do everything which will maximize fresh production. After making research you can find different ideas like slot together pyramid garden, herb pyramid raised bed, and garden pyramid planter.


This is not correct to say that you can only grow flowers in hanging planters or pots. A lot of vegetables and fruits can easily grow in hanging containers. You can use any kind of container for this purpose, even old baskets.

It is a thing to remember that when you fill your containers with soil it will become heavy and you need a strong structure to hold them. There are different ways to hang them but you should use a strong steel chain which is very suitable.


Gutter gardens have become very trendy these days because the plant lovers who are victims of limited space, try to search for new spaces to grow. With the help of old gutters, which have no use, you can turn them into your prime garden. In these gutters not only you can grow vegetables and flowers but also fruits.

First, you should find gutters in which you want to grow plants. Gutters are made from many materials like plastic, aluminum, or copper. You can choose one of them according to your choice, remember the size of the gutter can be long but you can also go for several shorter pieces and this will create a stacked design.

After that, the most important question arises about the location of your gutter garden. As you know plants need sunlight so your place should be sunny to get bright rays of the sun for at least 4 hours a day. There are many interesting suggestions about their arrangement, for example, you can attach the gutter at the back of your door with the help of nails or clamps or you can also hang them from a fence or the wall by using a rope.

Drainage is very essential for your plants so you should make holes at the bottom of your gutters and try to hang them in such a way that extra water slides away. After taking care of all the precautions, don’t forget to use organic potting soil for the best growth of your plants. Make sure that your plants will get regular water to produce fruits throughout the season for you.


Some fruiting vines need support. For this purpose, you should organize a trellis. There are different benefits of the trellis as the vines have spreading qualities and they will disturb the other plants.

If you train them on support then your plant will be prevented by many diseases and it will increase fruit production which is the main aim of any gardener. Another notable benefit is easy maintenance and harvesting. The kiwi, raspberry, blackberry, and grapes are those vines that need proper support. Due to trellis, the fruits of these plants prevent them from rotting on the ground.


Pallets can be used to create a vertical garden. In a wooden frame, you can grow fruits, vegetables, and even flowers in a small space. These wooden frames don’t require any assembly and you will prevent your plants from weeds and last but not least you will get fresh fruits.

You can build your own pallet fruit garden with the help of our smooth palettes which are made from high-quality wood. You can sow seeds or use pre-grown plants in your pallet garden but remember deep-rooted plants cannot be grown in it. Only those plants are able to grow in it which needs shallow soil. Your pallet planter needs full sunlight so choose the best location in your garden where it can receive proper light for your juicy fruits.


Another way of decorating your small space garden. In this way, you will get fresh sweet flavor fruits within a limited space. There is a misconception about the fruits that they can’t grow in a small window box.

It is not true some fruits can easily grow in window boxes like strawberries. Shallow roots fruits give you sufficient harvest only from one plant.   The deep plants should be avoided because they will not get sufficient space to grow their roots.


Plant stands have the ability to fit where anywhere in your garden. These stands are easily portable, that’s why they are becoming very trendy nowadays. Another benefit of them is that they can easily rotate so your plants will be able to get even sunlight with the help of rotation.

There are different kinds of fruits that can easily grow in such types of free-standing Fruit gardens like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and many more. The height and depth of the planter are according to the size of your plants. Even you can place it on your patios and balconies.

In a wooden plant stand, you can keep different types of pots and planters in it. A large variety of freestanding planters are available; you can choose any planters according to the needs of your garden.


If you are facing a problem with shorting of space, raised beds are a good solution for this problem. There are many sizes of raised beds available at different stores. You can choose the material of the raised bed according to your choice.

It may be wood, galvanized steel, cedar boxes, and many more. You can also build raised beds very easily without any difficulty. In this way, there is no expense your pocket has to bear. You can grow different fruits in your raised beds like strawberries, watermelons, blueberries, and cantaloupe are easy to grow in raised beds.


This is another space-saving idea. If you have any old cedar ladder. You can use it for making your plant holder by adding shelves to this ladder and grow your favorite fruits in it. First, you have to remove the dirt from the ladder. 

You need wooden planks or boards for making shelves that can hold your plant pots. Measure the size of the boards according to the ladder. Remember one thing: the size of the board of each lower step must be extended on both sides.

Now attach these boards to the ladder with the help of the screws. You can also paint this ladder to enhance the beauty of the area where you want to place it. You can also make different designs with bright colors on it which shows your creativity and aesthetic sense.


Standing raised bed has many benefits as it provides drainage, warm the soil earlier in spring as compared to in-ground beds. If you are facing any physical issues and unable to bend then an elevated raised bed helps you a lot.

Bending and kneeling is a part of gardening without the help of raised beds. Your problem can be solved.  Most of the standing raised beds have wheels so you can easily move it to where anywhere in your garden.

Another benefit of it is that you can easily rotate it so your plants are able to get even light. There are different sizes and shapes of elevated raised beds available in different gardener stores or you can purchase it by placing online orders.


For little space, a stair-step vertical garden is the best idea for growing fruits. In these planters, you can easily grow your favorite fruits. You can build this unique stair-step vertical structure and place planters on it. There are different sizes and shapes of planter available which are made from different materials like plastic, galvanized steel, and wood.

The generally used material is wood but galvanized steel is more durable than wood. It is a misconception that galvanized steel will become hotter due to the sunlight especially in summer and the plants cannot easily grow well in it. It is not true because if you are growing fruits in black containers then you should worry about it.

The basic problem with galvanized steel is that it has zinc coating and if your soil is acidic then this will not be good for your plants. After deciding the material of your planters, use a high-quality potting mix for the better growth of your fruits. If you want to grow more planters but in the same vertical garden idea then you can adjust planters on both sides of the stair-step structure.


If digging soil and pulling weed is a problem for you. You can grow any type of plant in the containers made from plastic or terra cotta. The best option for those who have no space for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

There are many plants that can easily grow in containers like bananas, passion fruits, mulberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, pineapples, figs, and blueberries. These mini containers can be placed anywhere in your garden or patio. Make sure all the possible needs of plants should be fulfilled like drainage, sunlight, regular watering, and necessary nutrients by adding fertilizer.

Try to grow one plant in one container. By using your creativity you can paint them. This will increase the elegance in your garden. You can grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in a collection of containers in your garden.

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