17 Under Stairs Kitchen Decor Ideas | How To Decorate Very Small Kitchen On A Budget

At this age, everyone wants to adopt a luxury lifestyle and wants to have a big banglore in which he has a big washroom and a kitchenette.  But many people have to live in small apartments in these small apartments they have small space as many people have no space for making the kitchen.  So due to a shortage of space, many people make their kitchen under stairs.

If you are going to decorate under stairs kitchen then commonly we will  Build shelves and cabinets under the stairs if there is more space then we mostly add a kitchen island. But in this article, We will share some brilliant ideas for you if you are going to decorate your under stairs kitchen we hope that these ideas are very helpful for you.

Top 20 Ideas Design Kitchens under the stairs Small Area

 1. Add  Task Lighting For Brighten Up Your  Kitchen.

Lighting is the most important thing in decoration.   Lighting not only brightens up your kitchen it also illuminates it.  Due to lighting, your small bathroom will look bigger and suspicious.  As lights cause a reflection effect and as a result, your small under stairs kitchen will look bigger, suspicious, open, and airy.

2. You Can Grow Plants In Your Kitchen.

If you are fond of gardening and you want to grow plants in your kitchen.  You can grow plants in your kitchen in small pots they will give natural look to your kitchen.  Place the pot on a sunny location on the window,  fridge.  You will feel happy and fresh in your small under stairs kitchen.

3. You Can Use Rug To Add  Color And Pattern To Your  Under Stairs Kitchen.

On empty space you can use a rug it will add color and pattern to your under stairs kitchen.  it will give a classic, modern, stylish and chic look to your under stairs kitchen.   If you are living in a   cold area then the rug also warms up your kitchen.

4. Pair Up Your Kitchen Stuff.

When you pair up your kitchen stuff it will save space.  When you play this trick in the setting of your kitchen you feel your kitchen bigger and suspicious. And you surprised how much space you saved by just pairing up your kitchen stuff.

5. Install Subway Tiling Pattern In Your Kitchen.

When you install a subway tiling pattern in your kitchen it will look wider and suspicious.   Due to the subway tiling, your kitchen will look more stylish and modern, and also it will look bigger and wider than actually is.

6. Play Classic Mirror Trick.

When you mirror a wall of your under stairs kitchen it will look bigger than actually is.  When you mirror a wall of your kitchen it will create an optical illusion and your kitchen look’s bigger and suspicious because mirrors can reflect both artificial and natural light.

7. You Can Add A Moveable Bar.

If your kitchen is small and under stairs, you can add a moveable bar along with the doorway in your kitchen.  When you need it get it out and when it is not in use roll it to save space.

8.Paint  Bright  And Light   Color In Your Kitchen.

In your small and under stairs kitchen paint light and bright color like white, off -white and grey color.  Because they can reflect both artificial and natural light and as a result, your small under stairs kitchen will look bigger,  brighter, and suspicious.

9. Create Visual Flow By Painting  Kitchen Walls, Dining Area  And Storage Units With The Same Color.

Paint kitchen walls, dining area, and storage units i.e. cabinets with the same color as it will create the illusion of more space because walls and storage units blend into each other and they look the same.  As a result, your small under stairs kitchen will look bigger and suspicious.

10. Replace Your  Full-Sized  Wine Fridge  With  Mini Wine Fridge.

As you are a  wine lover and want to chill your favorite wines then replace your large-sized refrigerator with a mini-sized wine fridge.   As it can chill a few your favorites wines and its size is perfect for your small under stairs kitchen.

11. Add Wicker Baskets For Storage.

You can add a wicker basket in these baskets you can store those items which are not frequently used like kitchen stuff items.

12. You Can  Store Things On Top Of Kitchen Cabinets.

In cabinets, you can sore a lot of things but you can also store your less-used tools or you can display larger items on the top of kitchen cabinets.

13. Create Storing Kitchenware.

If you do not have any space in your kitchen to store your items off the pantry such as boxes of pasta, cereals, oatmeal,  tomato sauces, chicken broth,  rice, mixed nuts, and dry fruits. Create it in your by shelving so that you can place your pantry items and daily use accessories.

14. Create Breakfast  Nook.

If your kitchen is small and you want to create a breakfast nook. Then do not worry you can create it as you do not waste your space but also by making cabinets you can store your accessories, dishes, and plates in these cabinets. As also another advantage of the breakfast nook is that it is the connected kitchen and dining area.

15. High Gloss Coating.

Choose the color of your choice and go with it will blend your all kitchen accessories and as a result, your kitchen feels suspicious.  Due to high gloss coating your small kitchen feels bigger and wider.

16. Install Industrial  Pot  Rack.

Pots and pans can take a valuable space of your use so install an industrial pot rack on the wall. you can hang pots and pans on this industrial pot rack. By doing this you saved a lot of space of your countertop.  When you hang your copper pot and pans on this pot rack it will give a stylish and modern look to your kitchen.

17. Create Floating Shelves In Your Kitchen.

Storage is the biggest problem of a small kitchen so you create floating shelves in your kitchen. you can place your dishes, plates, pot, and pans on these shelves. So that your daily use utensils are not over-cluttered over the shelve.

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