20 Best Under Stairs Bathroom Decorating Ideas | How To Decorate Very Small Bathroom

The bathroom is the most important room in your house. We use it daily to maintain our health, hygiene, and to get ready every morning. Although it can be small because most of the people are not able to have a big or medium-sized bathroom so they arrange their small bathroom under stairs.

To decorate such a small bathroom is a problem so we will share decoration ideas for small bathrooms because the bathroom has a huge impact on our daily life.

If you tried to carve out more storage space in your small bathroom then you will realize that it is an impossible task. That’s why it is important to know what kinds of layouts, setups, and decorating ideas are helpful for the decoration of a small bathroom. In this article, we will share some ideas for the decoration of under stairs bathroom.

1. Use DIY Wall Planters.

For a fresh and natural look in your small and under stairs bathroom use wall planters for decoration.  But choose a plant which is better grown in your environment in all environmental conditions.

2. Use  Room Curtains Instead Of  Bathroom Curtains.

If you are using bathroom curtains in your bathroom then replace them with room curtains because room curtains will look perfect in your small bathroom as it will look a luxury, bigger, and well decorated.

3. You Can Use Shower Curtains Instead Of  Sliding Glass.

In a limited spaced bathroom which is under the stairs,  if you can not afford sliding glass then you can also use shower curtains as with the shower curtains your small bathroom will look beautiful.

4. An Over-Sized Piece Of Art Work.

Instead of small art pieces use an oversized piece of artwork. Due to oversized pieces of artwork it will create a focal point and as a result, your small bathroom will feel airy and look bigger.

5. Create A Small Art Gallery.

If you have a small bathroom which is under stairs and you are an art lover and you wanted to create an art gallery then you can create a small art gallery in your small under stairs bathroom it will define your space and as a result, your bathroom will look bigger and well decorated.

6. A Unique Shape Mirror.

Use a mirror of unique shape and design and hang it on the wall it will create an optical illusion and your small room will look’s bigger and brighter. Because mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light so your bathroom will look bigger and brighter during day and night.

7. You Can Use Floating Shelves.

Storage is a big problem in a small bathroom so for storing your accessories and belongings you can use floating shelves as they cover minimum space. You can store a lot of things on these small shelves. These shelves make your bathroom walls more attractive and unique. 

8. Use Hooks.

You can use hooks as a towel rack or for hanging other accessories because hooks are the best option for small bathrooms as you can use them for hanging your accessories. Hooks are the best thing for small hanging accessories.

9. Paint Light  And Bright Colors.

Paint  Light and bright colors in your bathroom or soft tones such as off-white, green, blue color.  When you paint light and bright colors in your small bathroom it will look bigger and inviting because light and bright colors are more reflective than dark colors as due to reflection effect your bathroom will look bigger and feel’s airy.

10.   You Can Also Use Wall Paper.

You can also use wallpaper instead of tiles as wallpaper are cheap and your bathroom will look more inviting. Wallpapers also save your walls from water seepage. Many peoples use Wallpapers for wall decoration and safety.

11. Use Wall Hanging  Decor.

In place of simple decoration, pieces choose the wall hanging decoration pieces because they are suitable for small bathrooms as they do not cover much space and your washroom will look amazing.

12. Color Scheme.

Simply fully paint your bathroom with white color as it looks more inviting  Bigger and suspicious. And if you use tiles of white color on the floor and walls it will look more welcoming and bigger.

13. Use Space Saver Shelves.

For storage you can use floating shelves on these shelves you can store your clothes, shoes, and belongings in these space saver shelves. Floating shelves are the best option for small bathrooms as they are space savers.

14. For Storage, You Can Also Use  Freestanding Pieces.

For storage in a small bathroom, freestanding pieces are the best option as you can place your accessories and cosmetics in these decoration pieces. Another advantage of freestanding pieces is that they are moveable and you can move them from room to bathroom.

15. Use Standing Decorative Toilet  Paper Holder.

Replace your older toilet paper holder with a stylish, decorative, and standing one it will cover minimum space as well as a decoration piece.  You can also use toilet paper of contrasting shade to your toilet it will add beauty to your bathroom.

16. Choose Unique Themes For Your Bathroom.

When you choose a unique theme for your bathroom it will look more inviting and welcoming. To give a stylish, unique, and modern look to your bathroom the vintage botanical wallpaper and dark accents are the best option for you.

17. Create Illusion Of Space By Building High Shelves.

When you built high shelves in your small or under stairs bathroom it will create the illusion of space. Because when shelves are high your eyes will move upward and the roof will feel high and that illusion of more space is created.

18. Create Tall Narrow Cabinets.

There is a big problem of storage in a small washroom which is under stairs so to solve the problem of storage you can build tall narrow cabinets in your washroom.  Find a nook and built cabinets as you can store your shoes, clothes, and belongings in these cabinets and another advantage of these cabinets is that they cover less space.

19. Window Decor.

If you have the opportunity of the window then hang eye-catching curtains on the window similar to your bedroom curtains they will look amazing and awesome in your bathroom and it also seems luxury and modern.

20. Wall Hanging Baskets.

Hang baskets on the wall so that you can place your hairdryer and curling iron in these baskets. You can also place your cosmetics in these baskets.

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