Vertical gardening is very useful for those who have limited space but they are interested in planting. If you are living in an apartment and you have no space you can create your own vertical garden. It is a flexible way of growing plants that can easily adjust according to the size of your growing area.

In this method, you can use any sunny wall or containers which can easily hang so they occupy less space. With the help of trellises, you can easily climb your plants like squashes and beans vertically. This is another way of growing plants for better care and maintenance.

This helpful method will not allow plants to spread. There are many benefits of vertical gardening such as making harvest simple and easier to maintain a small space. If you already plant in containers then there is no problem to hang these containers for arranging in a vertical form by using different creative ideas.

 Despite all the advantages, you should be careful of a few things, for example

● If you arrange a taller vertical garden for your plants, it will be difficult for you to reach for maintenance. So set the height according to your convenience and provide them all the requirements according to the needs like water, basic nutrients in the form of compost and fertilizer, sunlight, and temperature.

● Whatever system you adopt for supporting your plants should be sturdy and strong and easily handle the weight of your container and plants. For instance, if you hang your containers, then the hanging structure must be strong enough because after filling the containers with soil they will become heavy.

● If you want to prevent your supporting wall from the moisture of soil, you can use polythene cloth to create a barrier.

There are many ways through which you can try vertical gardening at your own home. You can also use your creativity for changing the view of the garden, balcony or patios. Here we are going to discuss 20 unique ideas of vertical gardening which will help you to decide how to decorate an ugly wall and your small backyard or garden.


You will be surprised to see this garden tower. It has wide stance legs which provide stability to the tower even in the severe wind conditions. You can grow 50 plants. It has large pockets in which you can sow seeds or plant seedlings.

you should not worry about the sunlight because you can easily rotate it. There are many benefits of this garden tower as it saves water because gravity pulls water down to all the plants.

There is a removable draw under the tower for easy collection of kitchen scraps because in this tower you don’t need a compost bin. This drawer easily converts kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer. With the help of this garden tower, you can change the look of your porches, balconies, and rooftops.


A great idea for planting vertically is a wooden ladder planter. You can easily build your own cedar ladder plant for your beautiful and favorite plants. This can easily stand next to your fence.

If you have space you can build a few of the same type ladders and lining them. This will create a great look in your backyard. This is best for your fragrant flowers and healthy herbs. This is also good for smaller vegetables but not for deep-rooted vegetables.


There are different ways to set your hanging pots simply you can attach them with a strong steel chain that is durable and has the ability to lift the weight of the pots. Another way is, take a pallet or a section of fencing and screw the pots. Now your pallet needs full support because without sport it cannot handle wind.


If you have old gutter sections you can use them for planting. It is important that you make a proper distance between the gutter sections so the sunlight reaches between them. Make it possible that there are drainage holes in the bottom of the sections to prevent your plants from waterlogging.


If you like to grow vining vegetables then you must have a traditional trellis system. It will save your plant from spreading and annoying neighboring plants.

There are many benefits of trellises as they increase your production, easy to maintain and harvesting become simple. The trellis would not shade the rest of the plant, so be careful in choosing the location of the trellis. one more thing your trellis should be strong enough to lift the weight of the vines.


Another way of making vertical gardening is by using waste plastic bottles. You can recycle these bottles and grow your herbs.

With the help of the string, you can suspend these bottles very easily. The whole wall can be filled with these bottles. The size of this plastic bottle is very small, that’s why you can’t grow big plants and it is suitable for small and delicious herbs.


This is a unique structure in which you can grow your plants very easily in a limited space. it’s a perfect idea for a tiny garden. You can also build a raised bed and put all these vertical angled supports in it. The height of the stand is about 1.2 meters. You can easily rotate these stands so your plants equally get light.


Pyramid Garden is a unique idea for decorating and planting your small garden. The look of this wooden pyramid tower is loved by everyone. In this way, you can grow many plants in one tower stand.

You can easily grow small plants like lettuce, strawberries, and flowers in this pyramid. Everybody loves to see such a beautiful and unusual way of decoration. This planter is very easy to build without any experience.


For making this type of garden you just need a few cheap galvanized buckets with wire and your wonderful vertical garden is ready. This is a very easy way to grow plants in a limited space.

One thing is important that you need a base for holding these buckets in an organized manner. If your containers are deep enough then you can grow vegetables in them but the base and wire must be strong enough to bear the weight of the container with soil.


This stair-step vertical harden is a great idea to grow plants without occupying too much space. You can add as many stairs as you want but don’t make this vertical garden too high because you will face difficulty maintaining a high stair step vertical garden because without reaching how is it possible to water and see other problems of plants like pests, weeds, and other fungal diseases.

These rectangular planters are easily available in the stores or you can use them instead of these planters, old steps if you have. You can also make more stairs on the backside so it will give you more room for planting.

You should make additional holes in the bottom of the boxes in this way the water will drain well. Now your planter is ready, the time has come to fill the boxes with potting soil and sow your seeds or plant seedlings and provide them everything they want.


You can build an adorable hanging gutter planter stand in just a few hours. You need some guttering and a few wooden boards. It is a decent set up for herb garden and small flowers. You can stand it anywhere in your garden.


The living walls are very attractive and beautiful. The nylon felt unit is used to make pockets for root wrapped plants for this system. You need a built-in drip irrigation system to water the pockets. The water which is left falls into a drain at the bottom. It means watering is very easy for these plants.


An old shoe organizer is a cheap way of making a vertical garden. It is just like a flora felt system. This is another cheap way of vertical growth.

You should use strong hooks or wire to attach the shoe organizer. The hook must be strong enough because after filling the pockets of the organizer with compost and potting mix, it will become heavy.


This type of wooden planter is just like old crates. The rustic look of this planter makes it unique. It is a beautiful addition to your small garden. There are 6 wooden boxes in this planter. The shape of every planter is square and the first two boxes are level on the ground. Locate this planter near to the fence or in the middle of the yard, it can adjust anywhere you want.


When you grow your flowers in a spiral vertical garden, you love it because of its unique design. It is also good for herbs. It is made of wire and stones.

You can use chicken wire and easily build this design by holding wire and stone together which give a lovely view. If you want to give it a more formal look then add cement between the bricks or stones. It looks very complicated but when you start building it, you will come to know that it is very easy to make.


This structure is not limited to growing herbs and flowers but you can also grow vegetables in it. If you are facing the problem of limited space in your garden then this style of obelisk will solve your problem. For building this design you need boards. You will make this very easily within a day. With little effort, you will get a better outcome.


Another amazing and unique planter that can be made from PVC pipes. For one planter you need a piece of pipe but you can grow multiple plants in one planter.

This project is very easy and doesn’t take you too much time. Flowers and succulents grow well in these planters. High-quality soil, regular watering, proper sunlight, and last but not least your love and attention will increase the germination of seeds in this planter.


Another great idea for making a vertical garden. You need an old kitchen spice rack and turn it into your growing planter. You can easily grow herbs, succulents, or smaller flowers.

This is a cheap and easy idea to add some extra growing in a limited space. You can also hang this spice rack on the wall or stand it on the ground. Within 15 minutes this track will be ready for planting.


One simple and unique way of making a vertical planter with a PVC pipe is mentioned above. Now another way of making a cheap and beautiful vertical garden from PVC pipe is going to explain. If you don’t have any e plastic joints at your home then you can buy it from the store in your area.

You use these pipes to grow your favorite plants, flowers, and even vegetables like tomatoes and basil. You can attach these elbow pipes to a single board on a pallet. The color of these pipes is white but if you want to paint them it looks fantastic.


Potato is the most favorite vegetable in the world. French fries are a favorite of everyone, especially children.

You can grow potatoes in your garden but if you are facing the trouble of space then the vertical garden is the best option for your favorite vegetable. By growing them in a vertical garden you will get more space. In this upright container, many potatoes can be grown at a time.

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