20 Tiny Bathroom Decorating Ideas – How To Modernize Small Bathroom On A Budget

Nowadays life is very busy and we have to work by day and nights to manage our living. So to improve our lifestyle we have to move on into cities so therefore in cities we have to live in small houses or apartments due to minimal space. In our small houses or apartments, space is small so your bathroom will also be small.

It is very hard to decorate a small bathroom but there we mention some ideas to decorate a tiny bathroom as it looks bigger and suspicious. We describe in very simple words how to decorate a tiny bathroom and we hope that this article will be very helpful for you if you are going to decorate your bathroom as it’s small.


1. Tile Walls From Bottom To Ceiling.

We usually use tiles on half of the walls of our bathroom but if your bathroom is small then tile your bathroom from bottom to ceiling. When you tile bathroom fully it draws your eyes and creates space illusion and it looks bigger than it actually is.

2. All Bright And Light Walls.

If your bathroom is tiny and you want to feel it bigger and suspicious then paint your bathroom walls with white or light colors.  When you paint soft tones such as off-white, blue, and green color in your bathroom then it will look bigger.

Because light colors make a small space looks bigger and brighter actually  Light and bright colored walls are more reflective than dark colors so due to reflection effect it makes space and your small bathroom seems bigger and bright and you will feel open and airy in your bathroom.

3. Use Rug Instead Of Bath Mat.

You can use a small rug instead of a standard bath mat as it absorbs too much water and you do not feel shaggy.   But we will recommend that choose a  flat weave rug because in this rug you feel good you are barefoot.

4. Create Art-work On The Wall.

If you are going to decorate a small bathroom then don’t forget to add some artwork on the wall. You can create visual interest by adding your favorite pieces of artwork on your gallery wall. You can hang your family photo, your favorite city photos or even you can hang pieces of your favorite wallpaper or favorite art pieces.

5. Shelves And Racks For Storage.

 For storage of accessories in a tiny bathroom, try to find pieces that are narrow they do not cover too much space. And you can store a lot of your accessories in these racks.

Standard storage pieces are not actually sized for a tiny bathroom, measure your space, and then buy sized storage pieces. A pair of wall-mounted shelves you can mount in your bathroom you can store your accessories on these shelves.

6. Eye-Catching Curtains.

Hang an eye-catching curtain in your small bathroom along with a window it will give a dramatic and artistic look to your bathroom.  So that your small bathroom will look big.

7. Mirror Whole Wall.

Mirrors can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom, as mirrors actually reflect light and create an optical illusion. Mirror the whole wall of your bathroom and as a result, your bathroom will look bigger and brighter because mirrors can reflect both natural and artificial light.

8. Use Wallpaper To Give Artistic Look To You Bathroom.

Tiles cast too much you can use wallpaper instead of tiles because wallpapers are not expensive and they are affordable. Your bath will look amazing as wallpaper gives an artistic and creative look to your bathroom.

9. Prevention From Water Damage.

You can use wallpaper to prevent your basin from water damaging or in the bath with shower to prevent from steam damaging. save your bathroom from leakage, walls repairing, and seepage.

10. Remove The Shower Door.

If your bathroom is tiny then you can remove the shower door so that your bathroom will look bigger and suspicious. So make more space in your small bathroom from this technique.

11. Use Baskets.

If your bathroom is tiny then for storage you can use big baskets. You can store your accessories and your laundry in these baskets.

12. Use Wall Planters.

To give natural look to your small and tiny bathroom you can use wall planters. They look amazing and awesome in your bathroom but you should be very careful in the selection of plant choose a plant which is suitable for your environment and can grow in all types of environmental conditions.

13. Same Tiles On Floor And Walls.

 The clever trick to make small bathroom big is that use the same tile on floor and walls for a seamless look use the same tiles on the floor and walls. You can also use stone for a natural look but with tiles, your bath look’s spacious and bigger because tiles save floor area.

14. Wall-mounted Mixer Taps.

 Mount your taps to the wall because wall mounted mixer taps work best in the tiny bathroom because pipes are hidden due to underground wiring and as result, you can use this space for shelving or for a laundry basket.

15. Paint Halfway Up A Wall Create An illusion Of Height.

During painting, you can  Use paint effects by creating an illusion of height so Paint halfway up a wall for creating the illusion of height.

You can do so by painting a darker shade lowering your eyes will be lowered and as a result, a  distance from the upper portion of the wall will be created.  Paint your wall with two different colors If you paint a wall with one color and in result room wouldn’t have much depth.

16. Create an Illusion Of Space.

You can create an illusion of space by building it into an oval shape instead of square shape because An oval bath cuts corners and also boost the impression of space.

17. Not Crowded Your Bath With Too Many Things.

Architecturally and visually, it is the best idea for a small bathroom not overcrowded it with too many things and as a result, your tiny bath will feel open and airy. use a pedestal sink instead of a bulky vanity, use a clear glass door rather instead of a shower curtain.

18. Use Freestanding Pieces For Storage.

Use Freestanding pieces for storage if your bath is tiny. In these pieces, you can place your cosmetics and your accessories.are a godsend in small spaces. There is another advantage of these freestanding pieces when you need you can move them from your room to bath.

19. Color Scheme.

Your tiny bathroom feels more spacious and bigger by simply painting it with white color. Also, use white tiles on the walls and floor so that your bathroom will look bigger and welcoming.

20. Use Recessed Shelves.

 Use Recessed shelves instead of floating shelves because they are space savers both practically and visually. You can store your belongings in these shelves.

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