If you want to create a strong relationship with nature then you should grow plants in your home. The plants will not only freshen up your mood but purify polluted air around you. Plants will add beauty to your home and there is no need to buy decoration items if you have decided to grow plants indoors.

There are many benefits of plants but here we are discussing the other important quality of plants which is they bring luck and positivity to your home. It is strange for some people how a plant can bring good luck to them. It is true, you can experiment by growing any of the plants which I am going to describe below.

The following are 20 plants that you can say bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity to your life.


Its botanical name is Pachira Aquatica. This is one of the plants which bring luck and prosperity to your home. You will get positive energy with the addition of this natural green beauty. This plant has magical properties as it makes your fortune. As its name shows that it will bring wealth and make you rich.


Dracaena sanderiana is the botanical name of lucky bamboo. Another plant that attracts wealth, happiness, love, prosperity, and good fortune. This plant not only brings prosperity but it is a unique plant that will increase the view of your home. It will save you from evil and bad vibes and clean the negative energy of your house.

The interesting thing about this plant is that it can grow without soil. It will look great if you put them in a beautiful, attractive, and transparent vase with an appropriate amount of water. Most of the people keep lucky bamboo in front of the house so it will generate luck to their home. The more number of stalks bring greater blessings to your home. This is cost-efficient and you can easily maintain it.


This is the most common plant which people grow at home to add elegance and charm. You can plant them in soil and keep them in water. 

You can put them in an old glass bottle or buy a unique vase as a decoration piece. They live happily in the company of water. This is a climbing plant so you have to maintain some support.


The palm plant is also on the list of those plants that are lucky for you. The palm is a big and decor worthy plant. The entrance of your house is the best place for keeping this plant because this is the best place for this plant. This will not only give a fresh look for your guests but also bring happiness and good fortune for you.


I know the name of the plant is very strange, but you should not misunderstand it. The positive side of this unique snake looking plant is that it brings positivity to your home. You can set this plant at the corner of your home or office. The positivity of this plant will boost your business and your income will increase.


This plant has more unique property especially for someone who is looking for a life partner. But you should grow it with faith and care. You will get a better result if you nurture it with love and care. You will see the change in your life if you add this beautiful plant potted orchid to your life.


Crassula Ovata is the botanical name of the jade plant. Jade plants have oval-shaped leaves that look like jade stone and it is an emblem of good luck. This plant will open the door of prosperity and fortune because it has evergreen nature.

You will get all the returns if you work hard when you add this plant to your life. Success will be yours if you are doing a business no matter big or small. It works like a magnet because it attracts wealth and the best things for you.


The botanical name of this plant is Spathiphyllum wallisii. The elegant white and beautiful flowers will enhance the glamour and attraction of any decor. As the name shows that this plant will bring peace and calmness to your life. 

They get their name because there are white leaves at the top that look like a white flag waving in surrender. This power of calmness releases our stress and purifies the energy of the house. This plant is good for indoors as it can grow well in artificial light and needs water only once a week. You can even place this plant in the office as it requires little supervision.


Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the botanical name of aloe vera.It is a low maintenance plant that can easily grow indoors. There are many medicinal benefits of this plant but you will be surprised to know that another advantage is to make your fortune and bring wealth to your life. It means its addition is good for you. For luck, you can keep it in the north and east direction.


The botanical name of golden pothos is Epipremnum Aureum. It can be found golden and yellow. Its heart-shaped leaves will fit in the decor of any home. It is the best way to bring back luck and happiness to your home.

It is the most popular plant which is best for purifying the air around you in your home. This vine of this plant can grow up to 30-50 feet long. But if you are growing this plant indoors then it can be 6 to 10 feet in length.


The botanical name of the cactus is Cactaceae. This plant symbolizes positivity and becomes the reason for bringing good news to the owner. Cactus plants can endure the dryness. If you have a busy schedule in your life and you have no enough time to look after the plants then Cactus is a good option.

The reason behind this is that there is little maintenance required for the growth of this plant. A variety of indoor cactuses are available such as Chin Cactus, Bunny Ears Cactus, Rat Tail Cactus, Moon Cactus, and Astrophytum Star Cactus. All these types can easily thrive in low light.


The botanical name of this plant is Fatsia Japonica. Paper plants are mostly found in Japanese homes. As the leaves of this plant are found in odd numbers that’s why it is considered so lucky. The interesting thing is that in Japan people think that odd numbers are fortunate for them.


The botanical name of peonies is Paeonia. Positivity and optimism bring with these flowers. You can also get good luck in your relationships and love. You should grow them in the southeast direction in your house or office for good fortune in your life. It will remove all negative vibes of your home.


The botanical name of peepal bonsai is Ficus Religiosa. It is considered a sacred tree in most religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

This tree will bring all positiveness to your home and you can grow it effortlessly in your home. The interesting thing about this tree is that it is also called Bodhi Tree because it is said that Budha has attained enlightenment under this tree.


The botanical name of lavender is Lavandula. This is an iconic plant that clears your house from negative vibes. It is proved that if you sleep in the presence of this plant then you will sleep well and it reduces anxiety and depression.

If you place it in your bedroom you will get a night of healthy sleep. For a depressed person, this is a good remedy to get full and natural sleep. You can easily grow lavender in the pot. It is a perennial herb with a sweet and soft scent.


The botanical name of this plant is Narcissus Papyraceus. If you want the good return of your hard work and talent then you should add White Narcissus to your work area. It is said that if you grow bulb flowers such as daffodils along with these flowers then you will see your career will boost and success is yours.


The botanical name of carbon bonsai is Carmona Microphylla. You can see the white blossoms of this plant in summer. This plant is called auspicious because it will bring good fortune, charm, and prosperity to your life. This optimistic plant due to its positive vibes.


The botanical name of this unique and stunning plant is Adenium Obesum. It is said that if the stem of this plant is bigger then you will get more and better luck in your life. The swollen stem of this plant is the emblem of wealth, good fortune, and luck. You can easily grow it in any pot and place it anywhere in your home. It has beautiful flowers that’s why it will add colors to your home.

19- SAGE

The botanical name of Sage is Salvia Officinalis. It is said that sage plants keep bad spirits away from your home. Another belief regarding sage plants is that if you burn the leaves of this plant in your home then it will clean your house from negative vibes and bad luck. This is also an aromatic herb and you will get a fresh supply of it after growing it in your home.

If you grow sage plants in a pot then you will get a nonstop supply of this herb throughout the year without a garden. This plant needs adequate sunlight, the proper combination of soil, and little care. You should keep the plant near a bright window so it will get sunlight according to its needs.


The botanical name of bonsai banyan is Ficus Benghalensis Bonsai. In Hinduism, this plant is considered a religious plant. They have a strong belief that if you grow banyan trees indoors, it will open the door of success for you. The other thing associated with this plant is that it will bring positivity and good health to your family.

Hope this article will give you all information about the 20 most common plants which you can grow at your home for bringing luck and prosperity to your home. Most of the plants require little maintenance and you will grow them without facing any difficulty.

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