3 Easy Tips To Grow Zinnias From Seeds | How To Grow Zinnias Flower From Seeds?

Zinnia is a genus of flowers of the sunflower tribe within the daisy family. Zinnias are very popular flowers because they come in a wide range of colors and shapes. They can tolerate high temperatures and we can easily grow zinnias from seeds. 

How To Grow Zinnias Flower From Seeds

Zinnias can be grown very easily just in fertile soil, humus-rich and well-drained soil, and areas with the full sun because the zinnia is a long day plant and requires 8-10 hours of sunlight for proper growth.

Zinnias seeds

Zinnias come in a wide range of colors like red, rose, orange, purple, buff and rose stripped and maybe in white or yellow color. We can grow zinnias very easily from seeds as the process is very easy and you just need to take a bit of care of your plant. The process of growing seeds from seeds is described below.

  • Firstly grow seeds of zinnias indoors then transplant them into the garden after the first frost or sow seeds directly after the last frost.

Sowing Seeds Into Seed Starting Kit.

  • Before sowing seed into the garden, sow seeds into the seed starting kit 5-7 weeks before growing into the garden.
  • In spring, sow zinnia seeds ¼ inches deep in any seed starting kit.
Seed Starting Kit for zinnia's flower
  • Keep the soil moist at 70-75 F with the help of an atomizer and maintain a humidity level. If you take care of your plant properly your seed will be merged into seedling after 7-10 days.

  • As soon as the seed is converted into a seedling, provide plenty of light by placing it on a sunny spot or growing near the fluorescent plant so that your plant can get enough light. Raise the light period as the plant grows taller but do not provide too much light as the plant also requires a dark period for growth. after that thin to one cell seedling per cell when it has two sets of leaves.
zinnias seedling
  • Seedlings do not need too many fertilizers for growth just take care properly and water regularly according to the manufacturer’s directions and then transplant the hardened off seedling into your garden after the frost.
  • Make sure that your seedling will be hardened off and protect it from wind and hot sun. If frost threatens again then keep it indoors at night and outside during the day. Hardening processes tough plant cell structure and reduces the risk of scalding, and transplant shock.
Zinnias in pots
  • Take care of your plant properly and set up zinnia flowers in your room vase.

Directly Sow Zinnia Seed Into Your Garden.

  • After all, the frost sows seeds directly into your garden soil at a sunny spot, so that your plant can absorb the required amount of sunlight which is required for its proper growth.
Directly Sow Zinnia Seed Into Your Garden
  • Before sowing seed into the soil, prepare it first by removing unwanted herbs and weeds and mulching the soil. For fertilizing soil you can add organic matter 6-8 inches deep into the soil and level it properly.
Zinnia Seed In Garden
  • If you don’t want to add inorganic fertilizer you can use homemade fertilizer. As a source of organic fertilizer, pour kitchen scrap, eggshells into the soil. You can also add coffee grounds or banana peels. It will enrich your soil with nutrients. You can also add compost and coco peat to make the soil more fertile and more compatible for growing zinnia. Maintain the pH level of soil so that your plant grows properly.
Zinnias Flower outdoor
  • Sow zinnias seeds evenly 12 inches apart and ¼ inches deep and then level with fine soil.
  • Water properly and maintain humidity level with the help of an atomizer.
  • The seed will be converted into a seedling after 7-10 days and the thin seedling will be apart 8-24 inches and will be about 1-2 inches tall.

Sowing Seeds In The seed Growing Bed.

  • Select a suitable sunny spot in your garden
  • Prepare the soil growing bed by turning a soil growing bed into the soil 8 inches deep. Remove clumps of grass and stones with the help of a leveler.
Zinnias seeds outdoor
  • Instead of soil, you can use compost because all plant response is very good for the compost. So fill the compost instead of soil because it has an ideal pH and contains all the nutrients which are needed for plant growth. You can also add potting soil by buying it from the nursery or supermarket or by preparing it at home. Add ⅓ of garden soil, ⅓ coco peat, 1/3 peat soil, add some compost and mix well.  
zinnias plant outdoor
  • Dig holes that are large enough can accommodate root balls. Place the top of the root ball in the growing bed and fill it with soil by pressing down firmly and making a small depression so that your plant can hold water.
zinnias flower outdoor garden
  • Water properly and take off your plant properly to recognize easily you can use a plant tag as a location marker.

 Pests Attack And Control.

Pests Attack on zinnias flower

Zinnias have a few pests like spiders, mites, aphids, and whiteflies during hot weather and drought. For controlling pest attack spray you can spray insecticidal soap for controlling pests.

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