Due to a fast routine, no one has enough time and budget to spend too much on their garden. And if you are a beginner and have less knowledge about gardening but want to create a beautiful growing space in your home. With little endeavor, you can create a beautiful outdoor garden in which you can use your recycled materials to establish a stunning effect.

It depends on your creativity. You can decorate your garden with accessories that are not in use. We are going to discuss lots of inexpensive ideas to change your garden view. Most ideas hardly take one day of yours and within your low budget, and by following them, you can transform your garden into an outdoor oasis.


Wooden pallets are very inexpensive for making DIY Garden furniture. You can easily make a garden sofa from these wooden pallets which are easily available from the market.

You can make different designs like you can set the pallets in a horizontal row or you can make an L-shaped sofa. If you use cushions on your pallet sofa then it will look cozy and you can also add drawers in it which can be used for storage.


A fire pit will change the look of your garden and become an adorable place for gathering for your summer evenings. If you want to make it yourself then you can also build it and save your money.

You can build a pit in different ways, one of the easiest ways is making a pit, with the help of bricks and concrete blocks. For the oxygen flow, you should leave a couple of gaps between the bricks. For making the base of your fire you can lay paving stones or sand in the center.


Plastic bottles can be used for many purposes after using them. By recycling these waste bottles, you will help the environment to keep it safe from pollution. if you repurpose the used plastic bottles, it will cost you nothing and this eco-friendly garden design idea will give an extraordinary view to your garden.

You can hang these plastic planters on the wall of your garden with the help of a strong structure in which you fit them. Before using them make a hole in one side of the bottle for the drainage. Make sure you should use a potting mix, high-quality seeds, best location, and regular watering, so your plants will grow well.


If you are interested in decorating your flower garden with unique ideas then this watering can decor will help you a lot. You can make this decoration piece within a day and it will cost you nothing. As you can use an old watering can and hanging crystals from an old chandelier.

Just hang the watering can on any rod stand and fix the crystals on the can in this way that the light of the sun will reflect them and they shine brilliantly.  The crystals will attach with the wire and you secure them on the watering can spout. The streams of crystals look like they are just pouring out from the can.


 A window box is another unique idea for decorating your growing area. In this way, you will decorate the outside of your home. This is a low-cost idea and takes a couple of hours to finish.

In this way, you can decorate every window of your home with a window box. You can grow flowers or any type of plant in these boxes which will add beauty and soothes your eyes.


 In the summer evening, the outdoor lighting will transform your garden with a cozy glow. You can hang these lights anywhere in your garden to give a mesmerizing effect.

The LED lights are the best option because they use less electricity. another way to use a natural source for decorating your garden without using any electrical source. This option is using solar lights which are powered by the sun.


This is another way for the embellishment of your garden. Concrete garden spheres can easily buy from the market or you can also make them. You can easily complete this project within one day and at a low cost.

A set of small concrete balls will add charm to your garden and you can decorate them in many ways. We plant different flowers, vegetables, and fruits in our garden but don’t pay attention to the decoration of the garden as we do you in our house.  Simplicity is the best policy but when you try to include different ideas of decoration in your garden they will enhance beauty. These ideas show your aesthetic sense and creativity to others.


If you have an old fountain then by using it,  you will get another idea of decorating your planting area. The addition of this fountain will change your growing area into a succulent garden. Don’t worry this project will not take too much time and it will complete within a few hours. Without any care, you can place this anywhere in your garden and start planting it.


 If your garden has no sitting place then you should think about it. This DIY garden bench will help you to make a sitting area in which you can take your evening tea with your family.

The lovely curve which shows simplicity and elegance. You can place your favorite plants and flowers around this bench. This bench is so cheap and easy to make that you can add more than one bench to your garden.


You can use your old gutters in many ways to grow plants. You should make holes at the bottom of the gutters for drainage. If your garden has limited space then this idea will really help you as by hanging your gutters around your porch or deck will occupy less space and helps you to add colors to your garden. You can paint them or even make different designs on it, this will show your creativity.


You have definitely some old wasted jugs, you can turn them into gorgeous planters. These jugs are waste and this idea will not affect your pocket but take your little time. This will enhance the decoration of your garden as you can hang them easily on your porch or deck. You can paint them and make designs according to your creativity. Try to use bright colors because it attracts others.


The pathway will add instant facelift to your garden. You can use cobblestones for making pathways within a day but if you are making a long path then this will take time, for a short one, one day is enough.

You can easily buy cobblestone from any home improvement store and they are very inexpensive. After completing your path you will be amazed how this addition will change the look of your garden.


If you want to add something attractive in your garden but you don’t want to spend much money on it, then A garden pond with a little fountain is a beautiful addition which can be built within a few hours.

The cost of this project varies because it depends on how many things you have. A small pond with running water near my sitting area gives you a pleasant environment for your evenings.


Your garden will get a landscaped or professional look by creating borders. This idea will separate your lawn from a path or you can use it to divide your flower bed and veggie gardens.

Borders will also help you to stop plants from spreading. For making, you can buy wooden or plastic borders at very cheap rates from stores. Another way to limit your budget by making borders with stones or rocks. The second option is very inexpensive and gives a country look to your garden.


If you have children then they will love this idea. This easy to make treehouse will make them excited to play in this treehouse. This idea will take a few boards and your one day and the outcome is awesome. You can also use this for adults as well, by placing pillows and cushions, this will become a place to relax for you.


The wasted tins can also become planters of your garden. In this way, you don’t need to spend money on pots, by recycling tin cans you can make excellent plant holders for small plants especially for herbs.

After painting, they will become more attractive. Now make two holes on the upper sides of each can, with the help of strings you will hang them anywhere in your garden. This idea is perfect for a small garden or limited space.


If you have an old log which has no use then you can recycle it and make a decoration flowering planter for your garden. First, you can hollow out it for soil and sow seeds or plant seedlings in it.

The growth of the plants depends upon the quality of the soil, so you should be careful. Another interesting thing about this project is that it would cost you nothing. If you don’t have any log you can ask your friends or neighbors. This rustic looking planter is a unique idea for recycling waste things.


An old useless ladder can be turned into a plant holder. First, you clean the dirt on the ladder, after that if you want to paint it you can do it. Bright colors for paint are recommended for attraction.

You need boards to make shelves for holding your plants easily on your ladder. At a lower level, the length of the boards will belong as compared to the upper level of the ladder. With the help of drill and screws, you can adjust the boards on the ladder.

Now your ladder is ready for holding your favorite plant’s pots. If you don’t have any old ladder then you can ask your friends for neighbors. Most people are selling their useless things, you can also search it online and buy it from them. This idea is best if you are facing the problem of limited space. You can place this ladder, even in your balcony or inside your home.


Another unique idea for making planters for your garden. This is a cheap idea and will not cost you too much. If you have old tires then it would be great, you can use them but if you don’t have them you should not be worried.

You can ask your friends and neighbors or buy them. Spray paint will add beauty to your project. You can also make an elevated planter by placing two or three tires up and down. Now fill the center with a high-quality potting mix and your planter is ready for your favorite plants.


Another simple way, which is less time consuming and cheap, is turning your ordinary planters into your beautiful marbled terracotta planters. This project will add style and beauty to your garden by using cheap terracotta pots and some nail polish. It means if you have lots of nail polish which has no use you can use them in this project and get unique decor.

Take a bucket and fill it with half of water. Now pour liberally nail polish over the water as much as possible. Now dip the pot in water. Colors will add beauty to this project, you have to just give the pot on its side and let the polish wrap around.

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