10 Easy Ways To Decorate A Long Rectangular Room

In this busy life, you have a large bedroom it is a great blessing but decorating and furnishing a large bedroom is also a problem that does not mistakenly over-furnished your bedroom or leave it too empty.

We will help out you in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your long rectangular bedroom. Firstly decorate your room with big furniture pieces and paint your room with dark colors.  Then use over the large headboard and also a big piece of artwork on the wall it will be very helpful for you it will fulfill space. Avoid hung series of frames side by side on the same wall. And also place bed horizontally between two far walls as it opens floor space without breaking it up.

To decorate your room in an artistic and creative way and also to give modern look to your room divide up your room visually by creating a study area,  sitting area, and entertainment area in your room.  There we have mentioned  10 easy ways to decorate a long rectangular bedroom if you are going to decorate your long rectangular bedroom this article will be very helpful for you.

How To Decorate A Long, Rectangular Room.

1. Decorate Your Room With Big Furniture.

If your room is very big then decorate your room with big furniture pieces your room will look well decorated. Your room will look well furnished and also a large space will be filled up by a huge size bed, headboard, and dresser. it is also very beneficial tip use large art print above your bed your large rectangular room will look cozy.

2. Create Individual Areas In Your Room.

If your room is very big then not over-furnished your room or cluttered you can define space by creating individual areas in your long rectangular bedroom. You can create a sleeping area by placing nightstand, bed, and dressing. You can create a sitting area at the foot of the bed  as between opposite walls there is a lot of empty space. 

By placing accent chairs, by adding a rug and coffee table in this empty space you can create sitting area as it will also gives cozy look to your room.  You can also create a study area in your own room by placing your study table in your room.

3. Use Large Bed.

To fill up most of the space of your room place a large bed in your room.  Place a huge size bed in the middle of the room it not only fulfill space but also gives cozy look to your room. It not catches the attraction of the viewer but also gives dramatic and classic look to your room. Place side tables around your bed it focused viewer.  

Place nightstand against the same wall in which you place the bed so that enough space will be left in your room as it does not look overcrowded. For wall decoration, you can use DIY  wall hanging decore ideas as it will gives artistic and creative look to your room.

4. Color Scheme.

The color scheme is also very important factor for making a long rectangular room feel squarer.  Paint small ends of the walls with darker colors but paint long walls with light colors. Due to a combination of dark and light colors gives a creative and artistic look to your room it will create magic in the room as it will make your long rectangular room feels squarer. 

For example, while painting your room paint one wall with dark color and paint the opposite wall with light color as it divides up a larger room to keep room flowing use complimenting colors and shades.

5. Wide Window Running Along The Length Of The Wall.

A window running along the length of the wall creates a magic in the room your long rectangular room looks cozy and broader. the tip for curtains is that not only cover the window with curtains but cover whole window with curtains so your rectangular room will look broader. 

Hang beautiful chandelier along the roof of your room as it will uplift the look of your room and also gives modern look to your room.

6. DIY Mirror Magic.

If your room is long rectangular then use DIY mirror magic in your room. Place a large set of sliding glass in your as it gives a great eye view of outside. As your room will be looks bigger everything outside looks like be a part of your room so your room will look broader and it feels cozy and relaxing.

Use reflective surface i.e. mirrors in your large rectangular bedroom because for that reason you will feel that your room is full actually without crowding it with too many furniture pieces. Their reflections add dimension and depth to your room so that it looks cozy and broader.

7. Huge Headboard And Large Lamps.

If your bedroom is very large and rectangular then use a huge headboard that reaches from floor to ceiling. Your big room looks full when you use big furniture pieces in it. And hang two large lamps on either side of the bed so that it adds drama as well as it provides a solid focal point to your long rectangular bedroom so that it looks cozy and squarer.

8. Racks And Shelves.

If your room is very big than to fulfill empty space you can physically divide it by adding large open bookshelf so that you can create a  sitting area in your room. you just have to place a pair of chairs and your study table and you can create a  separate study area in your large rectangular bedroom.

So that creates fixed wooden shelves on the long wall of your long rectangular bedroom. For wall decoration hang paintings on the opposite wall. But for wall decoration you can also use hanging lamps, DIY wall hanging decore, and wall hanging planters.

9. Lights.

Lights also play an important role in the decoration of your room. Actually lights can make or break the look and feel of your room so that your long rectangular room feels squarer and broader firstly use DIY mirror magic and then decorate your room with lights use lights not only on roof but also on walls and above your headboard. When you fully lighted your room It is mesmerizing! And it looks amazing

10. Paint Your Room With Bright And Light Colors.

When your room is long rectangular then to give natural look pain your room with bright and light colors i.e. grey, white, and brown so that your room looks squarer, cozy, and broader. Play with different colors and divide each part of your room creatively.

So that your room looks cozy due to the combination of bright and light colors and bright colors highlight each segment of your room.

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