How To Grow Carrots Without Soil.

Carrot is a root vegetable and usually, it is orange in color, though it exists in red, purple, red, yellow, and white. Carrot is very beneficial for health as it is weight loss-friendly food and also improves eye health.

How To Grow Carrots Without Soil. Grow Carrots By Aeroponics

On carrot gut-friendly bacteria feeds and as a  result risk of stomach diseases and improves health. The insoluble fibers in the carrots promote regular bowel movements and reduce the risk of constipation.

How To Grow Carrots Without Soil ay home. Grow Carrots By Aeroponics.

Carrot is very beneficial and we use carrots for making several dishes so due to its high demand, it is cultivated all over the world. We mostly cultivate carrots in the soil but we can grow carrots without soil. In this article, we will talk about how to grow carrots without soil and you can easily grow carrots without soil after reading the article.

Grow Carrots By Aeroponics

Aeroponics is a technique by which you can grow vegetables without a growing medium like soil. Like other vegetables you can grow carrots by aquaponics it is very easy to grow carrots by aeroponics. In this technique, we grow vegetables in a nutrient solution which is a combination of water and water jets and provides all the essential nutrients which are required for the growth of plants.

Step by step process of growing carrots by aeroponics:

1. Set Up Your Aeroponics Kit On The Sunniest Spot:

Firstly place your aeroponic kit on the sunniest spot so that it gets full day sunlight. Reservoir, chamber,  drain line, supply line,  mesh holder, and atomizer jets are the main components of an aeroponic system basically, aeroponic systems are of three primary types but their operating system and main components are the same.

 Set Up Your Aeroponics Kit On The Sunniest Spot

2. Sow Seeds In The Growing Chamber:

Position mesh holder over the growing chamber and then sow seeds in the growing chamber.  The capacity of growing seeds depends upon your kit if your hydroponic kit is for domesticated use then sow two to three seeds.

3. Position growing Chamber:

After sowing seeds in the growing chamber then position the growing chamber in their slot in the hydroponic kit.

Position growing Chamber. sowing seeds in the growing chamber.

4. Place Vapour cover Over The Kit:

After positioning the growing chamber then place a vapor cover on the growing kit because the vape cover is used for damp proofing and prevents interstitial condensation and also it prevents dampness.

5. Correct Solution Within The Kit:

 Correct Solution Within The Kit

In hydroponics, the growing medium is a solution that provides all the required minerals which are necessary for plant growth. So the first thing is that the solution in the kit should be the correct one and it is produced by the manufacturer.

6. Place Nutrient Solution:

The nutrient solution provides all the essential nutrients which are necessary for plant growth so place the nutrient solution in the nutrient supply chamber so that plant can uptake all the nutrients easily.

7. Set Hydro Controller:

Open kit water valves and for optimum setting set the hydro controller for the carrots. Set the hydro controller according to the recommended setting so that your carrots grow best.

8. Remove weak seedlings:

Remove weak seedlings of carrots

After setting the hydro controller your seed will germinate and grow into a seedling. After two to three days remove the weak seedling from the growing chamber and your seedling will convert into a mature carrot plant. The time taken by the carrot to change into a mature plant is different for different varieties.

9. Lift growing Chamber:

When the carrots become mature than little the holder of the growing chamber and the roots of your plant are exposed through the growing tray.

10. Trimming And Pruning Of The Roots:

Trim the roots of the carrot plant with the help of pruning shears pick juicy and fresh carrots from the growing chamber and use them in the cooking for making several dishes.

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