The Incredible Way To Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Fresh Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are pearly round or plum-shape. They have a tangy or sweet taste and they are found in red or golden color. Cherry tomatoes are mostly used in salads, sweet dishes. The best time to grow cherry tomatoes in early spring.

The cherry tomatoes are small round tomato and they are hybrid of wild tomatoes garden tomatoes. Cherry tomato’s size ranges from a thumb tip to the size of a golf ball.  Cherry tomato’s shape ranges from spherical to slightly oblong.  Cherry tomatoes are found in red, yellow, green, and in black color. 

 Cherry Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, and they are also good sources of vitamin K and potassium. So eating cherry tomatoes has a lot of benefits.

Cherry tomatoes are slightly smaller than ordinary tomatoes but they are more sweaters than ordinary tomatoes. They mostly grow well in the temperate zone. Since cherry tomatoes are very expensive so most people prefer to grow them at home as they can be easily grown at home.

Cherry tomatoes are mostly used for garnishing hot and cold dishes. They are mostly used for making salads. Cherry tomatoes are used in a variety of dishes by grilling or roasting them. Cherry tomatoes are mostly used for making soups, pasta, toast, sandwiches. Cherry tomatoes are widely used in sweet and salty dishes due to their unique taste.

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes 

Step By Step Process Of Growing Cherry Tomatoes From Fresh Tomatoes

It is very easy to grow cherry tomatoes from fresh tomatoes but we will explain it very easily. By reading this article you can grow your own cherry tomatoes at home very easily. We will hope that this article will be very helpful to you.

1. Cut Mature Cherry Tomatoes Into Slices.

Buy fresh cherry tomatoes from the market, or superstore but try to buy dwarf cultivars like  Dwarf Mallee Rose,  Dwarf Firebird Sweet,  Dwarf Sweet Suet, “Tiny Tim”, “Micro-Tom”, “Yellow Canary and the “Small Fry”. They grow well and not overgrown in your pot. They must be fully matured and fresh and make slices of an inch thickness.

2. Selection Of Pot.

For planting tomatoes, bigger and deeper containers are best because tomato seedling may require small space but a fully grown cherry tomato plant required a lot of space. So we will recommend choosing a pot of five-gallon pot for planting cherry tomato.  

Chose pot which is made up of plastic or ceramic pot or pot which is made up of any artificial material because they have fewer holes so dry out not quickly.

Wine barrels and fabric pot are also good choices but while a selection of pot keeps one thing in mind pot must have good drainage capacity because standing water is not good for your cherry tomato plant.

3. Potting Soil.

Cherry tomatoes grow well in fertile soil and soil must-have neutral pH.  So your garden soil is not good for planting cherry tomatoes so mix coco peat, organic compost, peat moss, perlite, and natural compost material. 

Fill this potting soil into the pot this soil has good drainage capacity, not dries out quickly like garden soil. So it is better to use potting soil in place of garden soil.

4. Plant Cherry Tomato Slices.

Plant slices into a container that you choose for planting cherry tomato. Firstly fill the container with potting soil and then place tomato slices and then lightly covered them with potting soil. Plant four to five slices in your pot but not overcrowded your pot with slices.  Put your pot on sunny location and watered regularly.

Transplant Seedling Into Pot Or Your Garden.

The seeds will germinate in just two to three weeks leaves will be formed after one month.  and you can transplant the seedling into your garden or Into pot after just four to five weeks.

5. Place The Pot On Sunny Location And Watered Regularly.

Cherry tomato plants are sun-loving plants in other words cherry tomato plants are long-day plants it must require 6 to 8 hours light for its proper growth. so place your cherry tomato plant on the sunny spot or near the window where it can get enough light.

Likewise, cherry tomato plants are water-loving plants so watered your cherry tomato plant regularly.  Wet and soggy soil is the ideal soil for growing cherry tomatoes so to keep the soil moist watered your cherry tomato plant regularly but try to water your plant in the morning because morning watering is more effective than evening watering. But when temperature changes then watered your cherry tomato plant twice a day to keep the soil moist and wet.

6. Fertilizers.

You will have to use fertilizers into your plant as it shows better growth.  many types of fertilizers are available in the market but we will recommend using organic fertilizers in place of inorganic fertilizers because they are safe to use and not harmful for health.

As a source of organic material give your kitchen scrap and dung to your plant.  As a source of organic fertilizers, you can also ground eggshells and coffee grounds in your pot.

7. Common Diseases And Pest Attack Of Cherry Tomato Plant.

Your plant will suffer from diseases Some common diseases of the cherry plants are early blight, Late blight, fusarium wilt,  verticillium wilt, southern bacterial wilt, and septoria leaf spot. Cure these diseases at the beginning if they prolonged it will results in fruit drop, less yield, low-quality fruit.

Whitefly, flea, beetles, hornworms, and aphids mostly attack your cherry tomatoes. They will reduce your yield and may affect the quality of your fruit.

So to protect your cherry tomato plant from fungal and pest attack mix one tablespoon of baking soda, half tablespoon of any detergent, and two and a half tablespoon of olive oil in a gallon of water. And shake the mixture well and spray the mixture after a week this spray is very effective against pests and fungal attack.

8. Harvesting Of Cherry Tomatoes.

Cherry tomato plant starts flowering after one month of planting and flowers will change into fruit after few weeks you will have juicy and riped cherry tomatoes of your homegrown and you can harvest them for your daily use.

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Harvest cherry tomatoes when they have bright red color and when they fully riped. Instead of storing pick fresh tomatoes for your daily use.

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