How To Grow Radishes In The Pot.

Radishes come in different sizes, and colors, but garden radishes are the most familiar. Garden radishes have spicy and juicy textures so we use them in salads, snacks, and making several dishes. Radishes grow best in cold conditions and radishes are hardy, fast-growing, and easy to maintain.

Radishes are cold hardy plants that even grow well even if the temperature is less than 26 degrees Fahrenheit. Radishes grow best in the spring and winter seasons. In this article, we will give complete guidance about growing radishes. We hope that this article will be very helpful for you.

1. Select Seeds.

For growing radishes firstly you needed to select seeds. You can buy seeds from a market, superstore, or nursery. So buy the best quality seeds from near your market. The best varieties for growing radishes in spring are Cherry Belle, Easter Egg, French Breakfast, and White Icicle. If you are going to grow radishes in winter then we recommended  Black Spanish, China Rose, and Daikon White for growing.

2. Select A Pot.

For growing radishes select a pot of 12 to 14 inches deep because a wide and deep pot is best for growing pot. You can use plastic pots but our suggestion for you is that you can use cast iron pots or terracotta pots they have high draining power and the best drainage.

3. Soil.

For growing radishes, we will require loamy, well-draining soil with a pH between(6.0 to 7.0).  You can add compost to improve soil fertility.  But if you are a new Gardner then our suggestion for you is that you can use potting soil. You can buy potting soil from the bazaar but you can prepare potting soil at home. For preparing potting soil mix ⅓ coco peat, ⅓ peat moss, ⅓ moss, sand gravels, and ⅓ garden soil. It will be the best soil for growing radishes.

4. Place Pot In The Suitable Place.

Radishes are son loving plant and a long-day plant so place your pot in a suitable where it can get up to 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. So our suggestion is that place your pot in a suitable sunny spot you can also place it in partial shade but for growth place it in a sunny spot.

5. Sow Seeds.

After selecting seeds sow 4 to 5 seeds of radishes ½ inches deep with a distance of 12 inches apart in each row. After sowing seeds water your seeds up to 6 inches deep. After 10 days sow another round of seeds it will help grow seeds.

6. Watering. 

Water your plant properly because radishes require a lot of water for p[roper growth. If rainfall is low then water your plant regularly deeply so that soil will be moist. At least one inch of water is required for proper growth so water your plant daily in the morning because morning watering is more effective than evening watering.

7. Fertilizing.

Radishes are heavy feeders they require too many nutrients for proper growth you can use All Purpose fertilizer for this purpose.

But if you prefer organic fertilizer you can throw banana peels, egg shells, kitchen scrap, rotten fruits and vegetables, and cow dunks. After decomposing, they will give nutrients to your plant. And you do not need to spend money on buying fertilizers and they will increase yield and provide all the essential nutrients.

8. Controlling Weeds.

If too many weeds started growing in your pot or garden. They will take up al;l the nutrients and no nutrients will be left for your plant. To control weed growth in your garden you can pull them out. But if weeds are uncontrollable you can use weed killer they will control weeds and enhance your radishes’ growth.

9. Prevent From Pests And Insects Attacks.

Pests may affect your plants’ growth and destroy your radishes so for avoiding insects you can use insecticides. They will instantly kill insects and protect your plant from further insect attacks. For protecting from pests attack you can use pesticides which will control pest growth and protects you from further attack.

10. Harvesting And Storage.

Radishes are fastly growing vegetables even you can harvest radishes after one month of planting when they will reach one-inch thickness. You do not need any type of tool for harvesting radishes just pull radishes from the ground by greens. You can use scissors or p[runing shears for detaching radishes from roots and stems.

You can store radishes in a refrigerator for one to two weeks. Radishes are widely used for making salads and several dishes but freshly picked ones are tastier than stored ones.

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