The Secret Way Of Growing Strawberries From Strawberries In Your Own Home

The garden strawberry is a hybrid of Fragaria and ananassia species. The strawberry is famous for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness. Strawberries are mostly eaten fresh but they also used to prepare jam, juice, pies, ice cream, milkshakes, and chocolates. Artificial strawberry flavorings and aromas are used in making candy, soap, lip gloss, perfume, and many other products.

The strawberry is not a berry from a botanical point of view while it is an aggregate accessory fruit. Because it’s fleshy part is not derived from the plant’s ovaries but from the receptacle which holds the ovaries. The seeds on the outer side of fruit are actually one of the ovaries of the flower, with a seed inside them.

Strawberry has almost about 200 seeds on its external membrane. Strawberry cultivars vary in size, color, flavor, shape, degree of fertility, the season of ripening, and liability to disease around the whole world. During the dormancy period watered your strawberry plant twice a week to keep the soil moist.

It is best to water your plant early in the morning rather than water in the evening because water will evaporate in the day time so not stands in the pot so root rot will not cause. The homegrown strawberries are much better than those strawberries which we bought from market, superstore, or commercial fruit gardens they picked late when their sweetness is gone and farmers use many fertilizers to enhance their yield which is dangerous for our health.

That’s why homegrown strawberries are million times better than those which are available in the superstore, market or commercial gardens so tried to grow strawberries at home because it is very easy to grow strawberries.

Best Time For Planting Strawberry

When you start strawberries from seed, you will have to keep them indoor during early spring until the last frost has passed. Simply sow the seeds in the seed starter trays, they will germinate in three to four weeks. But keep the soil moist and place seed starter tray on well-lighted.

How To Grow Strawberries From Seed Easily In Pot | Complete Guide

Step By Step Process Of Growing Strawberries From Strawberries

Growing strawberry plants from seed are very difficult than simply buying strawberry plants from the market, superstore, or nursery but we will explain this process very easily with our guidance you can easily grow strawberry from a strawberry at home.

1. Get Strawberry Seeds From Strawberry.

One of the most easy method of getting strawberry is that blend strawberry and extract seeds from the pulp. For this purpose, you will need six to eight healthy, fresh, and riped strawberries. Firstly blend them well in a blender than after blending set the blender aside and let the mixture settles down.

Then after ten to twenty minutes skim off the upper layer and waste it because it contains broken seeds. Then stain mixture with the help of a stainer in a bowl then run water through the strainer to clean seeds and then spread them on paper and let them dry, remove large bits of pulp and then collect dried seeds in a bag.

Place the strawberries in sunlight and let them dry when strawberries are fully dried and place a paper on a flat surface. The rub your fingers on dried strawberries when you rub your fingers over strawberries seeds will loose and they will fell and collected over the paper.

Or you can simply buy dried seeds of strawberries from the market, nursery, or superstore.

2. Selection Of Pot Size.

Strawberry urn-shaped pots are best because they have holes on sides and water may evaporate from these side holes. Shallow pots are also suitable for growing strawberries because fruit not touches soil so chances of fungal and bacterial infection reduce.

You can also use ceramic pot, clay pot, plastic pot even wood pot all are suitable for growing strawberries but keep one thing in mind that pot has good drainage capacity. place the pot on a sunny location and filled it with the potting mixture.

3. Plant Strawberry Seeds.

Sow healthy seeds in the soil you can use your garden soil you will need fertile soil. For this purpose add compost, pine bark, organic compost, and coco peat into common soil and then mix well. Fill the mixture in a  seed starting tray than sow two to three seeds in the tray place tray on sunny location and watered soil regularly to keep the soil moist and damp.

Then seeds will germinate after 20 to 30 days and leaves will start forming after one month.

4. Transplant Seedling Into Pot.

After two months or one and half month transplant your seedling into a pot when leaves will be formed they grow very well in big pots. Again garden soil is not perfect for growing strawberry then mix pine bark, compost, coco peat, and organic compost to make it fertile.

Then sow seedlings in the pot from seed starting trays keep leaves above from the soil layer. Then watered regularly and keep the pot on a sunny location.

5. Ideal Soil For Growing Strawberry.

Plant strawberries in nutrient-rich soil which contain a high percentage of organic matter. The soil whose pH ranges from 5 to 6 (slightly acidic) is the ideal soil for planting strawberries.

To prepare the soil for planting strawberries, firstly soften it and then make sure that soil must be moist and then brake up the soil with tiller or hoe. And then add compost, rotted manure, and some peat moss at planting time to make soil fertile and you can also add sulfur at the time of panting to adjust pH.

6. Select Right Spot For Placing Pot.

Place your pot near the window where it receives enough sunlight which is necessary for its growth. strawberry is a long day plant as a sun-loving plant so place it on the sunny location where it almost can receive up to 8 to 9 hours light.

7. Watering Of Strawberry Plant.

Watering is also an important factor watered you plant regularly twice a week during dormancy period. Morning watering is more effective than evening watering because water not stands in the pot it must be evaporated. But in hot climate water, your soil regularly to keep it moist and damp.

8. Mulching.

Mulching is also very important step in the take care of strawberry plant you will have to mulch your strawberry plant with straws in the cold climate but in a temperate climate, minimal mulching is required. But in cold climate when the temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit mulch your plant if you don’t do this then your plant will fail to bloom in the following spring.

9. Pruning.

Pruning is also a very important step prune extra branches and strawberry runners actually runners are long stems that run from central plant and they will create more strawberries plants. You can root them and a new plant will be produced but they will attached with the main plant and  get nutrients from the main plant. So prune extra branches regularly.

10. Protect Your Plant From Cold Weather.

Cold weather is very dangerous for your plant you will have to protect it from cold weather because it is very dangerous for your plant. In cold weather when the temperature is below 10 degrees Fahrenheit than move it indoor. Or covered your plant with clothes to protect it from severe cold.

11. Pollination.

For pollination attract bees toward your plant by placing near it flowers, bushes, and trees they will help in pollination. If you place your pot indoor than move it indoor for the pollination. You can also pollinate your strawberries with the help of a hand pollinator.

12.  Home-Made Organic Fertilizers For Strawberry.

Strawberry plants require potassium for its growth you can use eggshell to full fill potassium requirement. For this purpose dry eggshell in the presence of sunlight when they completely dried then ground them in the pot.

You can also use  Banana peels as a source of organic fertilizers. For this purpose ground banana peels in the pot as when they decompose, they will add potassium as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium into the soil.

 “Tea leaves also can be used as a source of organic fertilizers as they contain tannic acid and nutrients.  Ground tea leaves in the pot as soon as tea leaves decompose they will release the nutrients in the soil.

 13. Pest Attack Possible Diseases Of Strawberry.

The pests which attack mostly strawberry plant are slugs, moths, fruit flies, chafers, strawberry root weevils, strawberry thrips, strawberry sap beetles, strawberry crown moth, mites, aphids, caterpillars, ghost moth and others. To prevent your strawberry plant from pest attack you may use pesticides.

Your Strawberry Plant Will Suffer From Following Diseases;

Rhizopus rot, Crown rot, Fusarium wilt, black spot, powdery mildew, grey mold, leaf spot, leaf scorch, leaf blight, Sunburn, albinism, poor pollination, frogmouth.

Cure these diseases at begging if you don’t cure these diseases they will not only reduce your yield but also affects its quality.

14. Harvesting Of Strawberries.

You can pick strawberries after four to six weeks of plants bossom but pick only red strawberries.  Pick strawberries along with the cap and If strawberries have sweat taste than pick them. because we mostly unlike strawberries which have a sour taste. Pick strawberries for your daily use on a daily basis.

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