How To Grow Strawberries Upside Down?

Strawberries are hybrid species of the genus Fragaria and strawberries are worldwide famous for their aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness.  Strawberries are low-calorie, cholesterol-free, and fat-free food and contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers and protect against cancer and lower your blood pressure.

Strawberry is an easy plant to grow and growing it upside down is more convenient and easy because the risk of pest attack and animal attack reduces. And the reduced risk of diseases like fruit rot, crown rot because strawberries are not touching the ground. 

Strawberries are hanging so that you can save space. You do not need a garden or yard, it also increases light exposure.

You can prevent your strawberry plant from fruit rot, fungal attack, and water and nutrients are easily transported from roots to the aerial parts of the plant. Upside down gardening does not work for all the plants but you can grow strawberries upside down very easily and conveniently.

Step  By Step Process Of Growing Strawberries Upside Down.

1. Buy Dwarf Variety Of strawberry.

When you are going to start your gardening for growing plants buy a day-neutral strawberry plant because it grows year long, does not spread, has no runners, and has small fruits that’s why it is best for growing upside down. Tristar, Evie, Albion, and tribute are the best for growing upside down

2. Selection Of Suitable Pot.

You can buy a pot from the market or nursery. You can make your own pot at home just by taking a bucket with a lid. Then at the bottom drill a hole with the help of a driller and then pass the ceiling through this hole carefully.

3. Select A Suitable Sunny Spot.

For placing your plant, select a suitable place in your home. It will be sunny so that your plant gets enough light which is required for the proper growth of the plant. So select a less wind and sunny spot of your home or near the window and hang your pot.

4. Hang The Pot.

After selecting a suitable spot the next step is hanging off the pot. You can hang your pot from the ceiling with the help of hooks. So hang the pot with the help of hooks.

5. Mix Potting Soil.

 You can buy potting from the market or you can make it at home. Just mix ¼ cup of compost, 1⁄2 cup of coco peat, 2/4 cup of peat moss, and soil mix well. Then fill this potting soil until ⅓ rim of the pot reaches. 

6. Provide Organic Fertilizers.

Fertilizers are organic fertilizers that are used for providing essential nutrients which are necessary for plant growth and increase yield. Fertilizers enhance the natural fertility of the soil so they provide phosphorus, potassium, and calcium required for the proper plant growth. For fertilizing your strawberry, you can use a balanced blend of plant food.

For providing organic fertilizer you can throw your kitchen scraps or throw banana peels into your pot. They will work as an organic fertilizer and provide all the essential nutrients which are necessary for proper plant growth.

7. Watered And Take Care Properly.

Water your plant properly daily twice a day. But water your plant regularly as morning water is more effective than evening watering so try to water your plant in the morning. Take care of your plant properly and you will see that seedlings will form from the seeds after 1 month.

8. Harvesting.

Strawberries are ready for harvesting after 6-4 weeks of blossoming. So pick up the ripe and red strawberries but not from the stem it will damage your plant. So pick up them and use them for making desserts and ice creams and juices and for eating.

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