You can make homemade liquid fertilizer very easily. Plants will absorb nutrients easily and quickly from the liquid fertilizer. Before spraying you should mix homemade fertilizer with at least 10 parts of water. Avoid thickness and turn thick liquid fertilizer into dilute.

In this way, your plants will not burn and fertilizers will cover more areas. You can make liquid fertilizer at home. There are different ways and ideas are available that you can find when you do some research. Homemade liquid fertilizer costs you less as compared to a commercial one. Here we will discuss 10 best homemade liquid fertilizer which will become a good source of providing better nutrients to your plants.

Best Homemade Liquid Fertilizer for all type of Plants


If your plants need nitrogen then this will be the best source of nitrogen to your plants. For making this fertilizer you need well-aged manure and 5 parts water with a lid and a sack. You can use animal manure like chicken, horse, sheep but it should be well-aged.

First, take the manure and shovel it into the sack and try to place it in the bucket, at the top fill it with the water and cover it with the lid. Leave it for two weeks so it can sit. When you want to use it, make it dilute with water at the ratio of 1:16.


Using the ratio one part of organic matter and 5 parts of water you can make this compost tea. you will use homemade compost for making this liquid fertilizer. Compost is the best way to provide nutrients to your soil and when you will make compost tea or liquid fertilizer from it, this will become a golden liquid for your plants.

The things you need for making compost tea are a bucket, homemade compost, and water. take a bucket and fill it one part of the homemade compost. At the top you will add 5 parts of water, now start stirring this liquid and leave for about four days. After that this liquid will be set for your plants and ready to use.

At this stage you need to strain it through some sort of cloth, for example, you can also use any old shirt for this purpose. before using, make it dilute by adding water because it is very thick.


If you are living near a beach then getting seaweed is not a problem for you. Seaweed is a full package and provides a wide range of potassium, nitrogen, phosphate, and magnesium. These nutrients play an important role in the growth of your plants.

It is also noted that when you decide to make liquid fertilizer from weed it requires patience because you have to wait a long time about eight weeks for its preparation.

Again we will take the ratio of 1 ratio 5 for making our home fertilizer. Before you start making fertilizers first you need to rinse the seaweeds well so the axis called from the weeds can be removed. Now place it in a bucket and cover it with water and leave it, so it will sit for use.

Place your bucket in a dark place so your seaweeds decompose into fertilizer easily. Try to place the bucket away from your house because one can get a bit stinky. Before use makes it diluted to a ratio of 1: 2.


Most plants like bananas because they are a good source of potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Some plants need these nutrients, if you provide them to such plants you can see surprising development, such as roses.

Before planting roses if you bury a banana peel with the seed of rose. With the germination of the seed, the banana peel also comes out to the ground and provides basic nutrients that rose plants need.

Banana peel fertilizer can be made in different ways, here we are discussing three ways.


You need a container or an airtight jar in which you will soak two to three banana skins in 600 ml of water. All the minerals of the banana peel dissolve in water which can be used for your plants. There is no need to make it dilute before using it because it is not a thick liquid. You can add these soaked peels into your compost.


Another way to flourish your rose plants by making a paste of banana peels with a cup of water. You can pour this mixture on the base of your roses plants and they will love the treat.


In this smoothie, you have to just make a mixture of banana not peels with water, and pour this smoothie on your plants. This is best for your vegetable garden.


Another easy way to make liquid fertilizer for your plants. You just need all sorts of weeds from your garden. Try to collect those weeds which have tap roots such as dock, dandelions, comfrey, and wild fennel.

The leaves of the weeds which have tap roots give more nutrients to this tea. We take the same ratio 1 ratio 5 means one part of weeds and 5 parts of water. Take a bucket, fill it with weeds, cover its top with water, within 2 weeks your liquid fertilizer is ready for use. When you are ready, make it dilute with the ratio of 1:10. Pour it anywhere in your garden, take out these weeds from the bucket and add them to compost.


This fertilizer is full of nutrients, what you have to do is just put the fish in a strong food processor and grind fish (with all bones and meat) with water.

Now your homemade fish fertilizer is ready if you want to make it better add probiotics and sugar. Now put this mixture into a container that has a loose lid so the gases can be escaped which are made during the time of fermentation. Now leave this mixture to sit for one or two months. When the mixture is ready to strain it and mix it with water and use a sprayer to spray on your plants and soil.


Ocean water is an incredible liquid fertilizer, if you are living near the beach then getting ocean water is not a problem for you. It has a good amount of minerals you have to just do to pick up some buckets and fill them with seawater and use it in your garden for your plants.

Some people think that seawater is very salty but it has many great results. If you have trouble getting seawater then you can get water from a river or unpolluted pond. Although, the mineral quantity of them is not equal to the seawater some minerals which are present in this water are very beneficial.


Calcium is very good for your plants and eggshells to contain calcium carbonate along with other nutrients. For the making of eggshells tea, you need  10 to 20 eggshells. If you want a strong solution then increase the number of eggshells.

First, you should boil the crushed eggshells in a gallon of water.  Now leave this solution for 24 hours. This time will help the eggshells to infuse their nutrients into the water.  Now you should strain the water before using it. Eggshells are best for potted plants now pour this healthy supplement directly on the soil which is full of calcium and potassium.


Epsom salt and ammonia is a good combination for making fertilizer. Calcium and sulfur are good for chlorophyll production which has an important part in the photosynthesis process, and Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium and sulfur. You know that ammonia has nitrogen and hydrogen which increase the fertility of the soil.


Grass makes your lawn beautiful. If you want your grass greener, beer is a good option for this purpose because it has carbohydrates. The shampoo has a great benefit to make the ground absorbent. One thing should keep in mind that non-antibacterial shampoo should be used in making.

Ammonia is a good source of nitrogen and hydrogen and your plant can’t live without these two elements. For the making of this great liquid fertilizer, you need one can or bottle of beer, one cup of household ammonia, and 1 cup of baby shampoo. Now start mixing all the ingredients in a container.

The container should be large enough to accommodate all the ingredients. Try to make this mixture in an open space or a room with ample ventilation because of the presence of ammonia. Now fill your sprayer with this mixture and start spraying on the ground. This unique homemade fertilizer should be applied every week for good results. 

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