How To Plant Mums In Ground.

Mums are annual and perennial plants and it is very easy to grow mums in the ground just keep a few things in your mind grow in a sunny spot, water properly, fertilize properly.

How To Plant Mums In Ground.

1. Choosing Varieties of Mums.

If you want to plant mums in the ground then buy mums seeds from the supermarket or nursery.  There are many varieties of the mums with their own unique beauty. They will look great in your backyard and enhance the beauty of your house. The best varieties for growing in-ground are;

Senkyo KenshinJessica
French VanillaMiniature
Varieties of Mums
Varieties of Mums

2. Find A Sunny Location.

Choose a sunny spot in your home as mums are long-day plants. Mums require at least 6-8 hours of light for proper growth.  Never plant mums in partial shade so plant on the sunniest part of your home or yard.

3. Potting soil.

Mums grow well in well-draining soil. If soil does not drain well then you can use organic compost. For this purpose, organic compost 8-12 inches deep will increase the fertility of the soil and it drains well.

Potting soil

For better results, you can use potting soil. It will provide all the essential nutrients which are necessary for the plant’s growth. You can buy potting soil from the nursery or you can make it at home by mixing ⅓  compost, ½  coco peat, ¼ peat moss, ½ organic compost.

4. Planting Mums And transplant mums

If you want to transplant mums in the ground then spring is ideal because it gives time to mums so that they can establish and survive in the water.  If you don’t transplant mums still fall then don’t worry you can transplant them still fall and ground them as soon as possible.

Planting Mums

To harden off your mums slowly increase sun exposure of your plant as it grows well in a sunny environment.  Dig a hole and transplant a mum’s plant 3-4 inches deep in the soil you can also transplant it into a bed but make sure that each mum’s plant gets enough light which is necessary for its proper growth.

5. Watering Of Mums.

Watering is the most important factor for the proper growth of mums water regularly, if you feel that mums are droopy then water them quickly and don’t let them wilt.  Watering avoids watering on blossoms and foliages and water on the ground, not on the plant parts above the ground.

Watering Of Mums

A soaker hose is the best choice for watering your mum’s plant as mums require one inch of water per week. Check the topsoil of your plant regularly if it is dry then watered your mum’s plant as they look fresh and happy and healthy and enhance the beauty of your garden and house.

6. Maintenance And Pinching.

Winter is dangerous for the mums then prepare them. You can do it by mulching,  mulching up to 4-5 inches with straw and shared hardwood. And the second most step is a pinch of dead blooms of your plant but leaves branches intact. Prune old stems of your mum’s plant so that it has better chances for survival. 

Maintenance And Pinching

And the third step is to remove new stems of your mum plant by pinching as it creates more compact and bushy growth, encourages more blooms to develop, and it delays the pinching process to the fall.  At the start of spring, you see a lot of buds on the plant.

Maintenance And Pinching

That’s perfect timing for pinching, so half of the tender growth of the plant is at the top of the shoot but make sure to pinch half of the shoots with buds and a half without buds. Pinch 3-5 inches of the top of the new shoot so that they become a fuller plant in the fall. Repeat this process after 2-4 weeks so that your plant looks fuller throughout the whole season.

7. Add organic fertilizers.

In spring fertilize your mum’s plant after 10-15 days for better growth and use high phosphorus fertilizers for better growth. You can use those fertilizers in which phosphorus content is high as

phosphorus will enhance the root growth of your mum’s plant.

Fertilize your mum’s plant regularly in fall and spring and our suggestion is that you can use 10-10-10 fertilizers. It works well for mums and induces growth and fertilization regularly until mums blossom.

8. Taking Care Of Mums.

When mums are actively blooming then at this stage trim off wilted and dead flowers so that your plants grow better and encourage plants to induce more blooms. 

Taking Care Of Mums

Mums are perennials so they need to be divided after every 2-3 years so divide your mum’s plant after the last frost has passed and some new growth is started. For dividing mums firstly dig up the whole plant then secondly separate outer shoots from the center of the plant, thirdly discard the center of the mums and then replant the outer portion of the mums.

Taking Care Of Mums

While replanting mums you can use organic matter along with soil so that your plant gets all the essential nutrients that are necessary for the plant’s proper growth.

If you want to add colors to your garden and home you can grow Pom Pom or Button mums. It will give an eye-catching view of your garden and enhance the beauty of your garden. Some mums are ornamental in appearance and give an artistic and classy look to your house.

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