How To Plant Onions In Grow Bags?

Onions are one of the easiest vegetables you can grow in your garden. Onions need low maintenance and are very easy to grow. Onions are widely used in cooking and salad cooking onions will absorb odors from apples and pears. Onions are available in fresh, frozen, canned, pickled, and chopped forms. If the fresh onion is not available you can use onion powder.

Plant Onions In Grow Bags

Onions are very easy to grow even new gardeners can also grow easily and planting onions in the grow bags makes this procedure easier. Onions are a simple crop to grow and you can eat them at any stage when they start growing or when they are full-sized. In this article, we will discuss how to plant onions in grow bags and we will discuss it step by step process.

1. Buy A Grow Bag.

For planting onions in the grow bags, firstly buy a grow bag from the nursery, garden center, or online. If you want to save your money you can make it at home because it is very simple to make a grow bag.

Buy A Grow Bag

You can also use a black plastic bag from the hardware shop or you can also use a heavy-duty bin bag. If you make your own grow bag make holes in the bottom of the plastic for drainage your onions will rot without proper drainage. 

2. Fill Potting Soil.

The second step is to pour potting soil into the grow bag. You can make potting soil at home or you can buy it from the bazaar or nursery.

fill Potting Soil in bags

For making potting soil at home, mix ½ compost soil, ⅓ coco peat, ½ peat moss mix well and then fill the grow bag with potting soil with 30 inches of the soil and fill the bag to the edges. If you are using a bin bag roll top of the bin bag up to 5 inches over the top of the soil it does not stop the growth. Onions love to grow in the slightly acidic soil and well-draining soil. 

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3. Plant Onions.

You can also grow onions from the seeds in your grow bags sow seeds in the grow bag 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area. If your grow bag is too heavy you couldn’t move from one place to another then for you our suggestion is to start seeds in the seed starting tray.

Plant Onions

Take care properly when it sprouts and becomes a mature seedling then transplant it into your growing bag after three weeks of seed starting you can grow in the growing bag. 

Sow seeds up to ½ inches deep in the soil and the optimum temperature requires for the germination of the plant is  16-25 degrees celsius

4. Watering. 

Onions do not need a lot of water. Onion roots do not absorb efficient water from the soil and monitor the soil moisture in your grow bag. Soil should not need too much water so avoid overwatering so that soil will be moist and not soggy.

You can maintain humidity in your grow bag with the help of a humidifier so that soil will not be soggy or wet.  Onions need six inches of depth once a week so avoid overwatering in the middle of August, stop watering.

5. Sunlight.

grow bags keep in Sunlight

Onions are long-day plants and require 6-8 hours of light for the proper growth of the plant. Onions need full sun and require 13-16 hours of light per day during bulb formation. Grow Bags are portable and you can move easily from one place to another where there is more sunlight.

6. Add Organic Fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizers

Onions need fertilizers and fertilize onions after a few weeks you plant them and then apply fertilizers after two weeks regularly. For onions, those fertilizers are suitable and contain high nitrogen content.

7. Harvesting.

Harvesting of onions

Green tops of onions are edible and delicious but for you, our suggestion is to harvest bigger and healthier onions.  If your growing season is too long then they will dry and fall over when that happens, harvest the left tops of your onions and store them.   

8. Storage.

You can store onions at room temperature, in a large mesh bag, in a dry, cool, dark, and well-ventilated location you can store onions for 3-4 weeks. You can store onions in the refrigerator for one month and you can also store cut pieces of the onions by wrapping them in the polythene roll for two to three days. 

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